sexta-feira, 8 de abril de 2011

Finally got my triad tattoo done, echelons! :D Before people who don't know ask, here's what it means:

of the new tattoo in 3 parts: the triad - is the alchemical symbol of air, which supports creativity, communication and rationality, and it's my sign (Aquarius). The triad is also linked to the trinity 'life, death, rebirth' . The Latin phrase says' PROVEHITO IN ALTUM ", which symbolizes a Latin motto that can be translated as' Launch forth into the deep '- steeped in depth, or in high altitudes, symbolizes the dedication to achieve personal fulfillment.
The symbols under the triad are variants of Iberian runes (yes, the peninsula where I live), and are the symbols 30 Seconds to Mars, my favorite band, use to invoke their name. 1st Symbol: 30 (Thirty), 2nd symbol, like a clock with hands: (Seconds), 3rd symbol: number two, you can read in English (to), 4th Symbol: planet Mars with its two moons - (Mars).

translation to portuguese:

Simbologia da tatuagem nova em 3 partes: a triad - é o símbolo alquímico do elemento ar, que defende a criatividade, comunicação e racionalidade,e é o do meu signo (Aquário). A triad também está ligada à trindade 'vida,morte,renascer' (trinity- life,death,rebirth). A frase em latim diz 'Provehito in Altum', que simboliza um lema latino que pode ser traduzido como 'Launch forth into the deep' - mergulhado na profundidade, ou elevado nas alturas, simboliza a dedicação por conseguir a realização pessoal. Os símbolos debaixo da triad são variantes de runas ibéricas (sim, da nossa península) , que os 30 Seconds to Mars, a minha banda favorita, utiliza para invocar o seu nome. 1º símbolo: 30 (thirty), 2º símbolo, semelhante a um relógio com ponteiros: Seconds, 3º símbolo: número 2 ,pode ler-se em inglês 'to', 4º símbolo: planeta marte com as suas duas luas - Mars.

sábado, 2 de abril de 2011



I would go to this concert every night and never get sick of it. It was unbelievable, 30STM gave the best night of my entire life, my chin was still touching the ground when I got to the hotel (because I'm from Oporto, and the concert was in Lisbon).

domingo, 27 de março de 2011

Hi everyone ! This blog is dedicated to the Echelon, the fan club of the band 30 Seconds to Mars.

We are a growing family around the world who share the same interests and ideals of freedom, purchase of dreams, and the enjoying of music like a blessed art.

Jared Leto said the following "Some people ask us if this is a cult, I say this,it's something special, it's not for everyone, it's only for those who understand."